Welcome to the 'Three story collaboration" page

These stories were created by a local Grade 5 group in Cape Town as well as a Grade 6 group in Argentina and a Grade 7 group in Canada. The local group each started their own story using a web tool called Primary Pad. The wrote Part 1 and sent the codes of their story to Argentina. The Grade 6 group in Argentina wrote Part 2 of the story and submitted the code to Canada. Grade 6 in Argentina sent the story to Grade 7 in Canada to complete the story. The stories were returned to the local group who then edited them, added them to PowerPoint and illustrated them using an illustration program.

We hope you'll enjoy reading these stories. Just click on the one you want to read and you'll be taken to the Yublisher.com page that changes them into e-books!
Princess Laura of Napolia
The Tooth Fairy
The Little Husky
Scared of clowns
One Stormy Night
Monsters under my bed
Home Alone
Fox Invasion

The Unexpected Hero
Yummy Donuts
The Valentine Surprise
The Unusual Day
The Strange Happening
The Storm
The Secret
The Runaway
The Rubbish Truck
The Mystery of the Pink Pearl
The Cat and the Dog
The Sweet Girl
The Monster
The Mistake
The Locket and the Treasure Chest
The Haunted House
The Alien's Arrival
The Big Green Monster
The Case of the Missing Stone
A Forest Adventure
A Mouse called Storm
The Horse that became a Princess
The Castle
The Bush Trail
The Adventure
Superman Saves the Day
Stuck in the Jungle
Peter Pan
Lucas and the Monster
Cinderella pays a visit
A trip to the moon