This is a primary school where the language of instruction is Afrikaans. The learners wrote their stories in English.

Andy's little new car toy

Brush your teeth!
The Gingerbread Man
Flinn and the cupcake thief
Elephant's New Home
Yummy sweets
Don't lie Donkey!
Don't eat so much candy!
Do brush your teeth, Foxy!
Luke learns to play cricket
Bunny tells the children
Brush your teeth!
White Rose and Black Rose
Whisker's adventures
What should I eat?
The whale is back
The two best friends
The troll
The three W's
The three porcupines
the story of the wild animals
The shark learns his lesson
The princess, the horse and the prince
The paw paw lost her shoes
The naughty puppy and the tooth
The naughty pony!
The lost fish
The lonely lion
The lion learns her lesson
The lion cub
The lazy frog
The injured butterfly
The greedy pig
The goblin over the rainbow
The Gingerbread Man and the mouse make new friends
The fastest bird
The elephant with glasses
The donkey's adventure
The Dolphin's adventure
The dog that could not spell
The dog that always ate healthy food
The danger of guns
Then cheetah who only thought of himself
The cat who ran away
The big fish
Spotted Dog teaches about litter
Simba's great adventure
Shower time is fun time
Sailor helps the little fish
Rosie teaches little children how to be obedient
Robbie and his new toy
Recyclcing - it's good!
Pup and Kitty
Pear hates Mathematics
Oscar the shark who learned to eat his carrots
No naughty fingers! No weird websites!
Never tell a lie
My rabbit lives in a candy house!
Minnie learns not to steal
Mazzie learns a lesson
Mape the dancing ape
I forgot to brush my teeth
How the leopard got his spots
How to run
Keep training and stay fit