The teachers who participated in the African Storybook Digital Storytelling courses in 2013 and 2014 wrote and illustrated their own stories as part of the course. These are the various teacher stories below. I am sure you'll enjoy reading them. (Please take note of the variety of creative ways in which the writers have illustrated their stories).


Emily and the Seagull
An Unlikely hero
Angus the Dinosaur
Africa Story Telling
The Noise in the Night
On Safari
Tales from the Baobab Tree
There's a zoo in my school
Wish Cat
Emily and the Seagull
Sipho Signs Away
Snuggles learns to be a bear
The mischievous puppies
The Adventures of Meerkat and his Friends
Khotso goes to the zoo
The sheep who wanted to knit
What on earth are you doing?
The Mystery of the Vanishing Books

Oliver's Lost Ball


(using )

Lebo and Lucky
The Day No-One Did Everything
Sophie The Little puppy by Margie Fussell
The Girl With A Square Head by Nicole Schouela
Ufundu Finds A Friend by Agotha Clarke
The Little Seed by Shannon Lee Archary
The Missing Penguin by Maureen Els
The Ungrateful Child by Rejoyce Batyi
Kelvin the Ice Cream Boy by Emmanuel Boadu
Drippy and His Friends by Thejane Majekane